Job interview

Job interview is scary and feeling nervous is natural, but for some people it’s huge. Just the thought of being under scrutiny is nerve-wracking, and the worst part is that someone else (recruiter) is in control. Although recruiters are intimidating and might scrutinize you on your appearance, mannerism, and attitude rather than your resume they’re not monsters. After all, they are humans, so there’s nothing to fear.

They genuinely want the best for both the company and you; specifically in that order. Most recruiters want you to feel comfortable but at the same time, they are also aware of the power in their hands and do not refrain from being blatant about it when it comes to your future in the company, expectations from you, your salary package, and responsibilities.  

Remember you aren’t the only one in the hot seat; there have been many candidates before you and quite a few waiting in line. So, you need an edge.

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You may or may not trip over that folded carpet corner, stutter, or fumble when questioned – “Tell me about yourself,” but you might still miss out on some few hacks that might guarantee a good first impression on the interview or even landing the opportunity.  

#1. Find a common interest

Rule 1: Do a thorough background check on your interviewer

Look for their social media and observe their likes and interests, such as a coffee place that often check-in to, or social cause they are close to. Regardless of how your interview started, you can always sway it the way you like. They’ll naturally remember you thanks to your common interest.

#2. Observe and follow their body language

According to a research, a person is often inclined towards people who emanate similar body language. Observe and try to mirror the same gestures; however do not try to overdo it. Once the interviewer notices a similar body language, it sets off a feeling that you two are on same wavelength, even if you’re poles apart in real life.


#3. Exude honesty

Avoid lying about your skills, past work experiences, or social network. Try to embrace your shortcomings as honestly as possible and try to show off how eager you are about learning and adapting.

#4. Think on your feet

Don’t get freaked out, if the interviewer throws a situation at you. They’re just trying to gauge, how capable you’re about handling predicaments. So take your time, be and appear calm and offer a solution. Even if it’s wrong, try to be more optimistic.

#5. Don’t forget to be amazing to anyone you meet

Remember, you’re always under scrutiny. Right from the moment you arrive for the interview, with the interview or waiting down the hall, you’re being observed. The peon, front desk people, or anyone you meet, share their observations about you and that’s what also contributes to the interviewer’s final decision about you. Don’t try to over impress someone, just be natural.

Implement these hacks & come back and share your interview stories with us!