Top online jobs to earn money

Confused about whether to pursue your post-graduation or look for a job? With changing times, people have found a new means to earn extra cash along with their education. Well, that’s where online jobs come into play to help you enhance your careers.

The great thing about these jobs is that you can start earning money right away by simply having a computer and a good internet connection. These can be pursued by anyone from a 10th pass students to students looking for extra cash after graduation.

Let’s look at some of the online jobs in India:

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are people who work as freelancers through the internet and help various businesses around the world. They work on composing and sending emails, making presentations, etc. One must have good communication skills and basic knowledge of working on computers. It’s an add-on value if you’re well-versed with applications like Microsoft Word. One can easily find the best virtual assistants online job at Vasitum. The basic salary for virtual assistance ranges from 22-25k a month. Click here to apply for Virtual Assistant jobs.

Travel Agents

Some people have a fascination to organize travel ventures for others; while some do it for fun, others make money out of it. These people work on the internet to book travel packages, hotels, modes of transport for their clients on a commission basis. To have the upper hand in this profession, one must have proper knowledge of the travelling requirements, in terms of documentation and other specifics. To become a successful travel agent, you must get in touch with credible travel job sites or find online travel jobs at Vasitum. The salary for a travel agent can range from 30-40 k a month. Click here for travel agent jobs.

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Freelance Writers

Good quality content has become a necessity. Talented writers and content creators are hard to find. But with so many online job opportunities available, many people are giving content development a shot. So, if your passion for writing hasn’t seen a relevant outcome, we’d suggest you look up for freelancing content jobs. The salary of a freelancer writer totally depends on your experience and the quality of the content, however, it may range from 25k- 30k a month. Looking for a freelancer job, click here.

Data Entry

One of the simplest online jobs is data entry. All you need to do is copy-paste data and earn money. However, you need to pay attention to each and every detail. For these jobs, you need to have a computer, a fast internet connection, and an understanding of MS Office applications. One can easily work from home as a data entry operator according to the timing that suits comfortably. Data entry operator can get paid up to 25-30k a month. For data entry jobs, click here.

Job Portals are the best way to find the above-mentioned jobs online, easy and for free. These portals have revolutionized the pursuit of searching for a job and finding candidates worldwide. You can now look for jobs online, and apply for the ones that interest you. With AI-powered job portals, the job search game has changed like never before. There are plenty of online job sites, and online job portals in India and each portal is moving their best foot forward to be on top.

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