What Makes Hiring College Graduates So Frustrating?

On average, 4.75 million people join the labor force in India per year, an analysis of the Ministry Of Labour & Employment, Labour Bureau reported, over four years from 2012. When graduation...
Artificial Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: Recruiter vs Candidate

Emotional intelligence or EQ is one’s ability to understand and gain an accurate insight into an individual’s emotions. It gives insights into how an employee will manage and...

Can Your Company Benefit From Hiring Remote Workers?

“I am working remotely now!” Sounds familiar, right? Certainly! You will meet many people who have started to work outside of their corporate offices. More and more companies have now started realizing...

Employee Turnover Rate: What it is and how can you reduce it?

Companies like to closely monitor their employee turnover rate since replacing employees can get expensive. When a company decides to replace an employee there are costs both direct and indirect that it...

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