Unemployment in India: Propaganda or Fact?

An extremely sensitive topic for the Indian economy and people with opinions from all angles, let’s look at unemployment and pay attention only to the facts. In the most prosperous industry that...
Jobs by Flipkart and Amazon

Over 1.4 lakh Jobs Created by Amazon and Flipkart!

E-commerce leaders - Amazon and Flipkart have recently rolled out over 1.4 lakh temporary jobs. Yes, you read that right!  Their festive sale that kicks off later this month has introduced vacancies...
TCS is hiring MBA freshers

TCS Off Campus Recruitment Drive | Apply Before 30th September

TCS has launched its recruitment drive for all MBA students from the batch of 2020. Graduates from all across the country who can join TCS in FY 2020-21 are invited for this...
Capgemini is hiring freshers

Capgemini Hiring Freshers With 0-2 yrs of Experience

Do you have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to be the best? Then Capgemini is the place for you. Capgemini SE is a French multinational corporation with over 2 lac...

Here’s What Your Favourite CEOs Were Doing Before Creating Billions

Ever wondered how big people ended up making it so big? What were their experiences that they ended up leading the biggest projects and companies to change the way the world worked?...
creative resume ideas

7 Out-of-the-box Ways That Helped People Land a Job

Whether one is a recent college graduate or an experienced person, finding and applying for a job is altogether a cumbersome and tedious task. To get hired, you need to stand out...
Employee turnover Rate

Employee Turnover Rate: What It Is And How Can You Reduce It?

Companies like to closely monitor their employee turnover rate since replacing employees can get expensive. When a company decides to replace an employee there are costs both direct and indirect that it...
Vasitum 2.4

Introducing Vasitum 2.4: We are 2.4 times better now!

Vasitum is proud to announce the launch of its latest version - Vasitum 2.4. The version release update is jam-packed with exciting new features for recruiters and overall improvements in execution speed.
Data Analytics in recruitment

How Data Analytics is Revolutionizing Recruitment

The rise of Data Analytics has revolutionized numerous industries all over the globe. And now it is creating an impact in the recruitment industry. One can easily say that data analytics in...
a complete guide about product manager

Everything You Need to Know About a Product Manager

Software engineers are the key to building a product’s foundations. Marketing experts need to gain and nurture leads. User Interface and User Experience teams need to know and define the product from...

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