5 Hiring Trends You Need to Lookout for in 2021

There once was a happy year named 2000. Every year he was growing. He gave us happy things to talk about and sometimes did bad things that made people cry. But when his teenage ended and he turned 2020, he didn’t like it. Not one bit. So, he kind of went rogue and made life hell for us all.

And a lot of people like you faced the wrath. Many lost their jobs, many did not get the promotion they deserved, many did not land a job they were the best fit for. So, we decided to challenge the atrocity of 2020. And we are sharing our knowledge of the recruitment world.

But these are all insider secrets. And we are sharing them with you, okay? Little birds whispered this into our ears and we are whispering it to you. And you have to promise us that you will spread the word. Deal? Good.

Here are 5 hiring trends that we think will immediately affect the recruitments and you need to be watchful of them.

Ready? Phew, here it goes.

1. Sudden surge in job applications

The first of the latest hiring trends is that a lot of people have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. A lot of people have still not gotten a new job. A slow recovery in the marketplace can be seen based on sentiments and speculation.

And vacancies now rolling out, there are so many job seekers. Literally so many. We know you do not want to lose this opportunity. If you want to ride the hiring wave, better start upskilling yourself. You can register for a free job seeker account and explore opportunities using Vasitum, an AI-based career portal.

2. Freelancers rule

When so many people have lost jobs due to the pandemic, a lot of them have started offering their services and expertise as a freelancer. The year 2020 has seen a lot of new freelancers in the marketplace. In fact, there are about 1,760,000 people who use the word “freelance” in their LinkedIn profile headline.

Freelancers cost less money to the business, are easier to work with, and bring no obligations to the company. A lot of companies are now shifting to work with freelancers instead of hiring a full-time employee. You can read in detail if the gig economy is drowning the job culture.

3. Work of 5, the pay of 1

There is no job in the world that doesn’t ask you to do something out of your job description every once in a while. But now that has changed. Businesses have lost money during this pandemic and they are desperate to get it back. And they don’t want to spend anything to do that. So? So, they will ask you to handle your work, fire Joe and give his work to you, will force Kate to quit and give her work to you, blah blah. And they do not want to pay you more.

You now have to be prepared to do the work of five for the pay of one if you want to keep your job. And trust us, most of the jobs will be like this now.

4. Change in business leader thoughtfulness

Empathy and compassion are the keys to building a great brand. Most people are realizing it now and they are working on it. One of the key elements of this business ideology is becoming customer-centric. That means, businesses are focussing on customer satisfaction and customer service as a necessity instead of an obligation.

If you want to bag a job during these times, you need to show that you are capable of understanding customer psychology, know what influences buyer decisions, and can handle a customer lifecycle.

5. Technology jobs are the king

Humans are lazy. So, the hiring trends to keep in mind is technology. We want to find ways to make our life easier and faster. Perhaps that is why we walk through a lawn on a corner than the stone pavement to save a couple of seconds. For us, technology is a boon and a miracle. If you do not know how to use technology to make your job easier and the business to work faster, you are sinking in quicksand.

Want to take a deeper dive?

A lot of technology jobs are opening up and they will continue to open up even after this week. We suggest that you upskill yourself and become familiar with the best technologies and tools in your domain.

Editor’s Note: Originally published on 12 November 2020 at 3:48 PM. Updated on 24 May 2021.