4 Skills You Can Learn For A Productive Quarantine Period

Every person goes through a unique journey in life. But, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought all our stories to a common halt. All we need to do right now is to stay home and bear with the lockdown time till the crisis is over. As easy it may seem, one of the toughest things to spend right now is time. So, how do we do that?

These are not normal times and being productive is not a requirement but a potential asset. It is completely okay if you just do nothing, and no one has the right to judge you either. However, if you find the spare time and will to learn some new skills, the question that arises is “Why not?”

Social Skills

Social distancing has made all of us physically distant from each other too. This is the right time to step up your social game to enhance your communication, behavior, attitude and most of all, impression. Use the time in lockdown to learn common social gestures, anomalies, and behavioral trends. There are a lot of professional courses, certified coaches, and mentors who can help you upgrade your social skills, digitally. Here are some of the most important elements you can learn about:

  • Active listening
  • Empathy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Relationship management
  • Feedback and learning

Professional Skills

Remember the skills and strengths you put on your resume? Maybe it is the right time to look back at them and find out which ones you are best equipped with. While the corporate world has halted due to the lockdown, your professional growth can still continue. Divide your skill learning spectrum into two skill types – Soft and Hard.

Soft skills are universal ones and are not limited to any particular industry. They include:

  • Effective communication
  • Idea presentability
  • Creative thinking
  • Leadership and management
  • Team induction

Hard Skills are the skills you learn on the job, and are specific to that particular field or role. For instance, a content writer’s hard skills would be:

  • Language command
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Wordplay knowledge
  • Self copy assessment
  • Knowledge of latest content frameworks

Similarly, you may already know based on your experience about the skills you need to upgrade in your own field of work. Otherwise, you can look for the below websites that provide both hard and soft skill training online based on job specific and industry specific seekers.

Personal Skills

One more important skill set as important as social and professional ones are personal skills. Personal skill development helps you to make yourself not just better, but happier and more content with yourself. These skills directly benefit you and your health, let it be physical or mental health. Some of the personal skills that you can work on are:


Lack of motivation is one of the biggest obstructions in our life. Showing a desire to succeed, to improve, to be more productive, and confident, all lead to a more motivated person. Just remember, a motivated person has importance for everything in life. It is only that they set priorities to each one of them objectively.

Let’s say you have a great story in mind and want to write it down. To gain motivation, you can read about the micro steps of writing stories. The key here is to know how to divide motivation into small sets of goals, and then work to achieve them.

Objective Aims

A key skill to doing things right is in looking at them objectively. Just like setting KPIs and KRAs in your professional life, objectivity is important in personal aspects too. 

Going for a run? Set a timer to calculate how much time it took you to complete a lap. Now, you have an objective goal to achieve which is to take less time while running going forward.

Content & Peace

These two things work hand-in-hand. If you are content with yourself, you will always find peace within. Being peaceful is a skill that can be excelled through various methods like meditation, yoga, or simply something that fills your soul. Psychologists have found that 73% of people take up cooking to feel calm and peaceful, and most of them are successful in achieving it. So, even you can explore cooking or try meditating to achieve that peace of mind.

Personal skills include a lot more than what we mentioned above. If you are confused about the personal skill you should work on, you can talk to a therapist online. Therapists are not only meant to help you recover from stressful mental health, but can also work with you on self-satisfaction and contentment.

Extracurricular Skills

There is an extravagance in all of us. A great client servicing manager may also be a great singer. A great writer may also love exploring new ways of productive isolation. These skills help you be more than just a survivor. You become an empowered self. Some of the most common extracurricular skills you can learn amid lockdown are:

  • Reading – Novels, short stories, biographies, or anything that clicks to your inner reader.
  • Writing – From writing a story to scribbling a poem, writing gives a path to your imaginative side.
  • Painting – One of the best ways to express what you feel is by painting it on a blank canvas.
  • Hobbies – If you have a hobby that can be attended to at your home itself, this spare time can be utilized to help you learn more about it.

To Do or Not To Do

Is the real question here. All of the above types of skills are productive, helpful, and interesting to read about. But, unless you are ready to go on to pursuing them for your own self, it is just not worth it. Remember, the ones who are posting their workout videos on Instagram are not meant to demean your way of spending the quarantine period. If you feel the energy to do anything you want, just do it without hesitation, even if it is binge watching the next web series that pops up on Netflix.