5 Types of Bosses you’ll Meet in an Office: Which One is Yours?

“The sun was shining and birds were singing when I realized it’s Monday morning and I was running late for office. 9:20 am, I entered the office tripping down my way to greet the most sadist man in the universe, my boss, and hear those 3 not-so-magical words, “You are late!”.
There couldn’t be any exceptional start to your day than to bear the brunt of your boss.”

– Anonymous Employee

Rightly said, having a perfect boss is a myth. Hence, to lead a happy work-life it’s paramount for you to study and identify the personality of your boss and learn the skill to deal with them. After closely examining these souls and consulting employees across organizations, we have come up with a list of bosses you’ll come across in your job and how you can win over them. Ready? Let’s get this rolling…

  1. The Micromanager
    Is your day plagued with multiple check-ins from your manager? Are you constantly asked for progress on your tasks? Congratulations, my friend! You’ve been blessed with a micromanaging boss. Micromanagers will highlight the smallest of details and exactly how you can accomplish your tasks as perfectly as they do.

    Pro Tip: Be your own motivator. Try to proactively send regular updates before they have a chance to ask you. If you do not feel comfortable with their set of processes, make sure you confront them and share alternatives.
  2. The Traditionalist
    This category of the boss has been with the company for years and years. They prefer doing things the way they’ve done it since inception. They’re simply allergic to changes and are set with their ways.

    Pro Tip: You know what, you better be receptive to their old techniques. You can try and teach them using a couple of new tools post building a good rapport with them.
  3. The Narcissist
    “Once again I saved the day, without me they are nothing!”, said a narcissist manager. Narcissists are those notorious bosses who’ll charm you with their care and interest but soon they’ll pilfer your ideas and credits for your hard work. They’ll point you out every now and then and may hold you back from evolving exponentially at the workplace.

    Pro Tip: Focus on making a good impression on your boss and your boss’s boss. Offer to pitch in some help whenever you have time. Speak out and discuss your roadmap for the company whenever you have the chance.
  4. The MIA
    That boss who’s never in the office and constantly missing in action. Either he’s working from home, or is out for a meeting, or is traveling, or he probably stays locked in his cabin round the clock. You might need a green signal on a project from him but you just can’t find him.

    Pro Tip: If you’re an independent worker, you’ll literally appreciate this opportunity. In other cases, you need to be self-sufficient. If your boss is not available, sometimes you just need to go with your gut and let good sense guide you. The feedback will soon follow.
  5. The Workaholic
    Work-life balance is probably an unfamiliar concept to a workaholic boss. You’ll find them working after office hours, on holidays, on their way to the office and also during their international “off-work” trips with family.

    Pro Tip: A workaholic boss shouldn’t be an issue if you plan and execute all your work efficiently.

Do not forget, bosses are human too! You’ll always find a way to succeed under their management but in case things don’t go as planned, you can always come back to Vasitum and look for your next venture, a new boss!

Chinkey Saini

Chinkey Saini

Business Strategist and Client Consultant with a panoptic experience of working in the online media & digital marketing industry.