7 Important Interview Questions you must Know How to Answer

What are Behavioral Interview Questions? 

Behavioural interview questions can be some impulsive inquiries that employers ask during job interviews. These questions help recruiters and hiring managers to take a thorough plunge of your thoughts and actions in a certain situation. 

What is the idea behind asking these questions? Well, it’s to know how you have performed in the past. This is to get a sense of how you will perform in the future. 

For a candidate, it is necessary to prepare answers that show different competencies and skills. The problem here is that they might have a general idea of answering questions. However, the answers usually come in a very general and unfocused manner. This might put the candidate in the backlight. 

Below mentioned are some of the behavioural interview questions, and how to create the strongest answers to them.

Would you be able to enlighten me regarding a troublesome work circumstance and how you overcame it?

This question often arises in the interview process. It is used to assess how well you perform under pressure and stress. Also, to see how you use your critical thinking capabilities. One should tell more of their experiences whether good or bad. However, the stories are easier to remember as one can connect with them.

What is your salary expectation?

A salary-related question definitely comes in the interview process to know your expectations. The organization is also interested in knowing whether they can afford you as an employee or not. In the case of the candidate, they get to actually know how worthy they are to the future organization. One should be very careful while answering this question. Moreover, the candidate is standing just a short step away from getting hired. so one has to play smartly while answering this question. 

Why do you wish to leave your present job position?

There are numerous explanations behind leaving the company or job. Set up the best reason for leaving your current job that will give your questioner certainty that you’re being purposeful about this change. Not concentrating on the negative parts of your present or past job, center your response around the future. What you would like to pick up in your next position and how you would be the ideal choice for the organisation.

According to you, is work-life balance important?

In the event where you adore your activity, work will never feel like work! It will be an important part of one’s life. You genuinely accept that enthusiasm drives a genuine career-oriented individual. However, the work-life balance is significant regarding the family and companions who encompass us. Subsequently, one should keep up a parity by being aware of the way that there should be sound security between both. 

What is your Dream Profession?

Your dream job includes doing what you are good at and doing. You accept that you are in good shape to achieve a profession objective which you have set for yourself. Plus, your association likewise values these focuses, which is very apparent. Furthermore, you have dependably been anxious to work in a shared situation that cultivates an energetic group. 

What are your future goals?

The hiring managers and recruiters get some information about your future objectives. This helps to decide if you’re hoping to remain with the organization long haul. Furthermore, this question is important in measuring your aspiration, desires for your profession and your capacity to prepare yourself for the profession you choose. The most ideal approach to deal with this is to decide your present employment direction. Also, how this pretends to help you achieve your definitive objectives.

Why would you like to work here?

Employers regularly pose this question as an approach to decide if you set aside the effort to look into the organization and to realize why you consider yourself to be a solid match. The most ideal approach to get ready for this inquiry is to get your work done and find out about the items, administrations, mission, history, and culture of this working environment. In your answer, notice the parts of the organization that interests you and align them with your professional objectives. Clarify for what reason you’re searching for these things in a business.


The best way to succeed in a job interview is to study and practice just as preparing for examinations. One should do research about the organization, have a look at the reviews given by people, also study the particular job opening before applying or before going for an interview. One should thoroughly practice the questions and answers the interviewer can ask until you are not confident about the answers. A candidate’s impression on the interviewer depends on their preparation for the interview. The more confident and prepared you are, the better are your chances of getting hired.


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