Ace your Job Interview with these ‘POWER’ Words

While on their job interviews, most candidates often fret over how to impress their interviewer within the first few minutes of the meeting. Although there’s little more time than that; but it’s important that you focus on making an ever-lasting good impression, rather than a good first impression that might only last few minutes.

Rather than worrying over answering the tough questions, focus on how you’ll conduct your conversations with the interviewer. Work on how to catch the attention of the interviewer and make them more interested in you. Good communication skills and a strong vocabulary have now become a default, mandatory skill-set. During an interview, one should try exuding positivity through word choice and avoid sounding negative. A happy exterior and a sunny disposition go a long way in leaving a good impression.

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Show that you have Emotional Intelligence

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There is a lot of research around ‘word mapping’, where these words are organized into Powerful, Weak, Positive, and Negative in a quadrant. For example, some words that (when used) leave a good impression on the interviewers include – ‘willing,’ ‘flexibility,’ and ‘collaborative.’ Emphasizing one’s willingness to perform and work is a quality sought after by almost all companies.

Few other words that might work in your favor:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Hard work
  • Motivation

Your eagerness to work and your enthusiasm to learn more is a good factor when it comes to seeking employment. Another powerful word one may use is ‘passion.’

Display Leadership skills

It is necessary to convince your employers that your job is not just a basic income mode, but something you’ll pursue with all your heart. Focus on emphasizing qualities like honesty, punctuality, and patience among others.

Few words which may come handy during a job interview:

  • Management
  • Responsibility
  • Strategy
  • Leadership

When not applying for a leadership role, it is important to let the interviewer know that you possess leadership skills and can lead a team if need be.

Showcase knowledge of strategy

Don’t forget to highlight your strategy-making skills, because employers like a candidate who has a calculative mind. Also, remember to state your achievements and your output in your previous job experiences.

Few other words you must incorporate:

  • Recommended
  • Persuade

Both these words imply that you are capable of both, making decisions and leading people according to your will.

Final advice is to practice. Talk to yourself. Make these words part of your natural vocabulary and you’ll perform excellently in your next job interview.