Can Recruiters Find Your Unemployment History Amid Lockdown?

Employment is a fragile situation right now. As we enter the third phase of lockdown, many businesses have resumed operations. The government has allowed a maximum of 33% staff to be physically present in offices. Due to this, a lot of employees are still working remotely.

But, how does the current employment scenario connect with an employer checking your work history? Before we understand this, it is important to understand that hiring has begun in a lot of companies. If you don’t believe us, simply go to Vasitum to check it yourself.

What most people are concerned about right now is how to explain unemployment due to COVID-19 crisis. The simplest answer is honesty. Recruiters can easily find out your unemployment history, and hiding it can drastically affect your chances of getting hired. Instead of focusing on hiding unemployment, you can focus on upgrading your skills during the lockdown to be a better fit for recruiters. If you are one of the job seekers amid COVID-19 pandemic, having this information will surely boost your chances of employment.

Why Do Employers Dig The Past?

A study conducted by GNR research suggested that 68% employers found past information from the candidates dissatisfactory. This is the primary reason behind cross checking of your candidature. Apart from this, there are over 7500 operational companies in India which provide fake employment certificates and references. This is enough to make them hesitant about the authenticity of your profile, leading to background checks ranging from mild to extensive.

What Do Employers Seek From It?

Almost everything that is mentioned in your resume has to reflect back with an alibi. While some employers may limit themselves to know if you actually worked in the former companies you stated, some can go to the extent of discussing the behavior and conduct in office too. Let’s say, if you have applied for the position of senior manager, your leadership is of utmost importance to the employer.

Is Cross Checking Legal?

Yes, it is based on the extent of intent. Extent of intent means the employer seeks information only relevant to the job role and company policy, and does not include any discriminatory information. Asking for information like marital status from your former employer is illegal as it is personal information taken without your consent. 

But, the legal umbrella is vast in its own right. Your former employers reserve the right to share your professional information of your tenure with them to anyone based on their discretion. So, if the former wants to say something, the latter will hear it even if you do not want them to.

How Do They Do It?

Small to medium sized companies conduct in-house background checks which involve both employment and unemployment history as stated in the resume. Most of the in-house work is done by the HR teams by gathering information from the sources provided by the candidate itself. 

More often than expected, if they find a slight shade of mismatch in the information provided, they simply choose to reject the whole candidature. But, the outsourced recruitment companies that provide specialized background checks for candidates both in bulk and retail, do not do that. They have objective led candidate checks unique to every job role. The scoring lets the employer then decide how to act upon it.

Your Role In All Of This

While previous employers are a great source of information, social media platforms have become the next best resort now. LinkedIn is one of the most reputed forms of professional information resources in the new age. Apart from this, the platform itself that you register and apply for the job usually has a profile completion stage that helps employers know more about you easily. 

One of the biggest plays in gaining trust in the eyes of the employer is repetition of information. 72% recruiters say that if they find a match in the profiles, resumes and social media handles of the candidates, the trust factor increases exponentially.

The Lockdown Relevance

The lockdown has restricted employers to depend highly on digital sources for most of their hiring processes. That’s why recruiters have shifted most of their background checks to public profiles of the candidates. This is the time for you to login to every social and job application profile and update with the latest and most relevant information.

Vasitum offers an interesting advantage to job seekers by letting them provide as much information as they like.Every profile works like a billboard for job seekers, with higher profile completion increasing your visibility among employers. Utilize the lockdown period to strategically complete your profile on Vasitum and increase hiring chances among best employers today.

Priyanka Choudhary

Priyanka Choudhary

Talent Acquisition expert with 8+ years of profound experience in scouting and engaging talent in ITES, Financial Shared Services, Analytics & Insights sectors.


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