What to do before you say ‘I Quit’ this job?

Are you looking for the best ways to quit a job? I would suggest, start planning an exit strategy to quit job. Yes, an exit strategy is a critical component, and it is as relevant as in any business plan. First things first, exiting a working relationship is both a daunting task and an emotional journey. For some professionals, it’s a well-planned step, as they look forward to furthering their careers; for others, it happens in haste, anger or frustration.

What matters the most, in all of this, is how you handle this crucial situation. Your decision not only affects your professional reputation, but it also impacts your career graph and relationship in co-working space. Therefore, we advise that you make a graceful exit. Leave the right way, and you’ll build your network for future job searches. Leave the wrong way, and watch that bridge burn behind you. There is plenty of advice on how to quit your job, keeping future work relationships in mind.


The process of resigning essentially comes down to three major steps:

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1. Breaking the news to your boss and colleagues
2. Expressing gratitude for all the opportunities you’ve received
3. Demonstrating that you’re committed to transition your responsibilities.

Every successful strategy has a strong beginning and a strong end. The latter is very important, as it ensures that you stay afloat in dire times. So, before we go into a detailed explanation on how to create a successful exit strategy, let’s take a look at how to ensure you have a strong end.

To begin with, (see the irony?) I would advise that you start with a checklist of things you need to cover whilst searching for a new job.

For example: After you’ve resigned, you won’t be receiving any paychecks; so it’s advised that you plan your finances well in advance. Also, never put in your papers until you have a written affirmation from your next employer.

This might not be as valuable for your graceful exit strategy like the following, but it may surely come in hand!

I quit

A few things to keep in mind, before you say ‘I Quit’-

Convey your gratitude for the opportunity.

Never, ever, skip this part. Express your gratitude for the opportunity to your boss, the management and your colleagues. This might include a brief reference to specific skills or knowledge.

An explanation for why you are leaving.

You do not need to mention the specifics of your new job or pursuit; however, you might want to allude to it in a generalized way. For example, if you were working in inside sales, you might mention that you have landed a job in both inside and outside sales. It is hard to imagine a scenario where it would be beneficial to mention anything that reflects badly on the employer or fellow employees.

An offer to help with the transition.

If appropriate, you might state that you are willing to help train a replacement or be available to answer questions after you have moved on. This is especially important in smaller organizations or public facing roles.

Give in the prior notice.

Two weeks’ notice is the standard amount period one should serve before departing from their current organization. If you’re working under a contract, you might be required to adhere to a different period of notice. In case, you’re unable to serve the due notice period, gently request the employer to end the employment sooner.

Settle the date you are leaving.

State a specific date for your expected last day of employment. That date will be used as your official termination date and accrued compensation and benefits, if any, will be calculated as of that date. This also allows the employer to know what needs to be settled before you quit job.

Be prepared for the good or bad.

No matter how much time you spend in an organization, there’s no certainty to how the management or your boss would react to the news of you leaving. It can be either or both, positive and negative. The employer may even ask you to leave immediately without you standing a chance to serve the notice period or request you stay a little longer than the required time until they find a suited replacement. There can be times when they might ask you to rethink your decision of resigning. For any of the circumstances, the employee should be prepared beforehand.

Job Resignation

Here’s a guide on how to deal under these circumstances:

Be prepared to leave – Now.

Be sure to back up any documents and projects belonging to you. Understand that your employer might even ask you to pack up your things right away. While unlikely, if you have a company car, phone, laptop, or tablet, you may be required to turn it in on the spot.

Think about whether you’d stay longer if asked.

If your employer asks you to stay on longer to ease the transition and it is feasible for you to do so, you might consider asking for a positive written recommendation letter or a letter of introduction in return. Good relationships are always valuable.

If your manager doesn’t want you to quit.

What should you do if your manager wants you to stay? If you’re sure you want to leave, say so. If you’re undecided, ask for some time to think it over. Make a list of reasons why you would change your mind and compare them to your reasons for leaving. If it does make sense, reconsider your resignation; be prepared to commit to staying for a certain length of time. You’ll also want to take a gauge on the sentiment that follows.

If you want to leave on good terms without burning any bridges, do whatever you can to make the next person’s life easier by tying any loose ends on projects you still need to complete and by making the transition as smooth as possible. Be organized and prepared and you’ll do great!


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