How to Find and Apply to the Right Job?

It’s safe to assume that a majority of people don’t like to search for jobs if the process goes on for too long. A few rejections are inevitable but if that’s all you’re facing, so it might be the time to change your tactics for the better.

Today, we’ll talk about a few methods that will help you identify and apply for the right jobs professionally. So, let’s jump right into it.

Identify the work that suits you

This is one of the most overlooked aspects. Candidates apply to hundreds of jobs while job hunting but often do they forget, it’s not about finding a job but the right job.

Analyze your skills, mine your experience and refer to job descriptions when applying to a job. Consider the facets of a career that attract you like flexible working hours, professional advancement, and even harder projects.

Draw up your “must-have” attributes, followed closely by “good to have but not necessary” facets of a role. This will help you in understanding the work that stimulates you.

Partner with Recruitment agencies

As most of the reputed agencies are in contact with notable individuals, it might give you a much-needed head start. These agencies might assign a job search agent to you and they will search for suitable job openings and notify you about them.

However, don’t let these agencies be the only job search tool. So one needs to expand their horizons.

Update your social media profiles

Your social profiles are some of the critical aspects that a hiring manager will take note of. Try to make them professional and up to date. Similarly, make sure that your profiles represent your skills, experience, and even personality to some extent. 

Market yourself

Even if you’re the second coming of Jesus, nobody will notice if you don’t market yourself. Try to get your name out there. Build contacts, socialize, reach out to hiring managers, recruiters, and current employees.

Therefore, it is correct to say that networking is the key. Get active on the networking sites and discover who you know at the company. Ask them for insights on the company or even a referral for the position.  You can also try cold emailing.

Customize your resume

Alter your resume to make it more appealing for the company you’re applying for. Customize it for the industry and role you’re applying for. Manage your resume’s content efficiently and learn to adapt.

Be quick to respond to employers

Replying quickly can help you secure your position for the job. However, a delayed response can negate your resume’s appeal. You don’t have to appear desperate, just sincere

Research about the company/industry you’re applying for

You have to know what to expect. This might also help you immensely in the interview. Here are some aspects you should research before applying for the ideal job. Learn about their industry, their competitors, the average pay, all the benefits as an employee, etc.

Apply only if you meet the requirements

Plenty of jobs require you to have a specific degree, years of experience, particular skills, etc.  Therefore, make sure that you have the matching profile and the background to apply for the job else you won’t be able to get through the ATS.

Use advanced search to filter through the commotion

A filtered search is available on most of the job search platforms. Set your preferences (skills, location, interests, salary expectations, etc.) and let the filters do the magic! This method will help you stay focused.

Send a fixed number of applications

We’d advise you to develop a job search strategy and keep track of all the requests you’re sending out. It’s recommended to apply for jobs at regular intervals (in a cycle) rather than just spamming your cover letter everywhere. Adopting an organized, structured approach provides you a much higher prospect of becoming the chosen candidate for your dream role.

We hope you find your dream job. Good luck! We, at Vasitum, wish you success!

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