Is your Job a good Fit for You?

For most entry-level job seekers, the search for an ideal job includes finding one, successfully qualifying the interview and joining the company. But as one gain work experience, searching for a new job turns into a super-packed research work, where job seekers inquire about the job profile, look for employee and company reviews on platforms and seek work culture, among other things like salary negotiations, responsibilities and policies, before signing the offer letter.

Job search is nothing less than matchmaking, so you’ve got to ensure it’s a perfect balance of your professional and personal aspirations. Don’t blindly jump into applying for any or every job post just because you desperately need it or it has come from your dream company. Pay extra attention during your hiring process, interview or induction, as most hiring managers or recruiters nowadays give away red flags or signals about the company culture or expectations from your job role. So, there would be a lot of clues to pick up; use this information to carve your final decision.

Several users on the internet shared their personal experience through the job search, so here’s a pearl of collective wisdom on how to pick something that actually fits you.

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1.    Can you picture yourself in the job description?

“I currently have a good government job, but it’s not what I would love to be doing for the rest of my life. It’s scary to think about abandoning something that’s safe, to try something different that may not necessarily be as ‘safe,’ but is personally fulfilling.” – Anonymous user.

Next time, when you’re reading a job description, picture yourself working at this position and ask this question – Do I see myself working here for a long-term? Will this role really excite me every morning for the rest of my life? And why you would want to work there?

Look for the company’s values, culture, environment, perks, and benefits.

2.    Do you like the company’s communication style?

One user shares, “Always look at how a company’s representative (recruiting or hiring manager) communicates through their job post. If it sounds like they’re plainly interested in getting their job done – run! But, if they sound more like they are convincing you to pick them – I’d say, let’s do it! These people know how to treat their employees and trust me, you’ll get more than just a paycheck, and you’ll be respected here.”

Clear communication throughout the recruitment process, is again, an important aspect. It reflects professionalism. Pay attention to how the company communicates. Do they go for automated emails or send out personal notes. Sending out personalized emails reflect that the company believes in building strong relationships and that’s what brings about their values; even if it’s for rejection.

3.    Notice around the office – work culture

While you’re on an interview, keenly observe everything – the setting, your potential co-workers, etc. More than the formal introductions about the company in the interview, these first-hand observations will be far more useful, when you’re making the final decision. Sam D. from Pittsburgh shared a few pointers that helped him find the right job. He said:

How are employees interacting with each other? Are they welcoming and helpful? Their dress style and body language? How stressed, busy or casual their conversations sound?

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