Job hunting is Basically the Same as Online Dating

You’re with someone who’s happy to see your face every day and is excited to embark on a journey with you even when they’re not sure if it’ll work out or not. Was this a description of a romantic or professional relationship? Do you judge both your interviewer and date based on their appearance, body language, and attitude towards you?

There are some similarities between your partner and interviewer that are so identical you can sometimes confuse which one is what. It’s not just the people, either, when you’re hunting for jobs, you walk into new buildings and talk to strange people, some more strange than others. When you’re seated in front of the interviewer, you’re listening carefully, looking out for clues you can use to your advantage, and nervously self-aware of what you’re saying.

Here are 6 ways online dating and job hunting is basically the same thing:

Put Yourself Out There

You don’t get your dream job, and dream partner at the first few goes, and if you do, remember that you were very fortunate. For the rest, you need to date around and work a few jobs before landing one that’s perfect for you and you enjoy. In both situations, you have to choose what works best for you in the immediate future and supports your long-term objectives. If your plans, goals, and efforts aren’t compatible, it’s equally hurtful to leave the relationship in both cases for all parties. 

Incredible FOMO

When you’re looking for a job yourself, you’ll see each friend updating their job titles, and companies or some even become CEOs of their own companies. On the other hand, when you’re looking for a suitable partner, you see your school and college friends uploading their engagement or wedding. There’s a level of insecurity and self-doubt one spirals into, and every effort thereon is with comparison to the people on social media and, frankly, no one’s life is too high without those filters.

Impress People You Don’t Know

You’re meeting people who would be very close to you and will be instrumental in whether your application is accepted or rejected. For jobs, it’s your bosses managers and their favourite colleague you need to please, so they make good recommendations. For partners, you need to be liked by their friends, approved by their family, and collect a character certificate from their legion of best friends. Moreover, you have to do these things even before you enter the company or the relationship.

You Start to Fantasize, A LOT!

When you’re working with your boss, and it’s just the two of you, you put yourself in a movie mindset which only has two characters. It’s a fun, money-making experience like The Wolf of Wall Street or The office and the same happens with your partner. Every time you go out for a movie or to chill at the park, you see yourself in a romantic movie having the time of your lives and growing old together. Sadly, this will only last for the first few weeks or months and eventually wears off till your manager or partner shows their true colours.

Dealing with Rejections

No’s are a big big part of life and handling those rejections, and our reaction shows the people we are. Job applications and dates will earn you more “no, thanks” or worse, waiting by the phone and getting no feedback at all and less of satisfying endings. But when you finally find that one perfect opportunity, you’ll know it in your gut that it’s meant just for you and all the rejections feel like they were worth it. 

Networks Play a Big Role

It’s a big game of who knows who, who you know, and how much they can help by mentioning and introducing you in the right places. Even though your applications will be more offline than online, at least when you’re a novice, there’s a good chance that your new job or partner will come from an online connection. Still, online presence and networks help in a big way, because if you do find an opportunity through an app, a mutual connection will significantly improve your chances. Besides, let’s be honest, everyone is on at least one app or the other, whether it’s for jobs, like LinkedIn or Vasitum, or dating, like Tinder or Bumble.

They’re Basically Identical Twins

Whether you like it or not, there are some spectral similarities in how online dating and job huntings work that will almost sound scary. The reason they can look so similar is due to the origin of these tasks and the objective of self-exploration expeditions. When you’re looking for a new job or partner, you’re looking to move to a new opportunity that fits your needs better, where you can start fresh, and you’re focussed on growing during the relationship. You’re desperate to find an environment that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and allows you to work to your full capacity. You’re prepared to discover your full potential while helping the other party also grow and help and support them in achieving their own goals.