Never ask These Questions During Your job Interview

“So, do you have any questions for me?”

It is a common question asked by recruiters and hiring managers at the end of an interview, which can make anyone stammer or confused while answering this particular question. 

The applicants should give an intense thought to asking questions as they do while answering the questions of the interviewer. Every question asked can reflect your understanding of the organization, and the particular position that you have applied. 

Many employers also agree with the fact that “No I have no questions to ask,” is considered as the worst response ever received.

“The most frustrating thing for a recruiter is when you don’t have any questions at all,” says recruiter Abby Kohut of 

Therefore, it is essential to take time and think rightly about the relevant questions you can ask. Rest, on the other side, there are a number of things which one should avoid saying in the interview.

Questions one Should Never ask in a job Interview:

What does your Organization do?

This question when asked can make you look thoughtful but at the same time, can backfire and reflect that you did not do any research about the company or checked their website before coming for the interview. In fact, this can add a negative impression on the interviewer and reveal that you are not really interested in the job. 

What is the Salary Structure like or what Other Benefits are given to the Employee?

Avoid asking this question on the very first round of the job interview. The initial meeting is majorly about selling yourself to the interviewer, and the inquiries concerning compensation and other benefits should hold up until a later round of interview is conducted. It is best to discuss the salary and other benefits until you are offered with the position.  

Can I work from home Sometimes?

Unless and until it is mentioned in the job description, you should not raise this question during the interview. Many companies will let you work from the comfort of your home occasionally as soon as they see how good you are at your work. Asking to work from home can create an impression that you do not like to work under direct supervision or have a different working schedule. Whatever may be the reason but the first meeting is not the right time to ask for such favors. One’s top priority should be selling himself to the organization, thereby getting the job. 

When can I Expect an Appraisal?

“An individual asking this question may come off as arrogant and entitled,” says recruiter Josh Tolan of This question suggests that you’re not interested in the role for which you’re applying but that you’re simply waiting to proceed to something greater as a compensation. Alternatively, you may ask the company of the opportunities for growth and leadership?”

Do you have Flexible Working Hours?

This question can give the impression that you are interested in getting off work as soon as possible. Many organizations have this facility, but asking this kind of question puts a wrong impression on the interviewer. It can also be looked upon as the candidate is more concerned about his/her needs rather than of the company. Instead, it can be asked, “What is the workday schedule?” 

How many Paid Leaves do I get?

When you ask a question regarding paid leave policy in an interview, you seem equally arrogant and unappealing. Your interviewer wishes to understand what you could for the company when they meet you or shortlist you for the interview. They want to know how you would improve operations, grow the business, and more notably, make their lives simpler? Making you happy will be significant if they need you, but you aren’t even going to reach that point if you are planning to put your demands this soon.

Knowing the questions to avoid in a job interview can help you stand out in the right way.

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