Right time to Start looking for a New Job!

Looking for the right job or a new job takes time and effort. It might feel that a high-paying job can help one escape the impending doom – dull life, low finances, and security. The belief is often true, however, there are instances when it is not. Despite what feels like a ‘right job’ for someone else, may or may not work in your favour.

Every individual has their own strength and deficits when it comes to professional developments, so it’s highly recommended that one should customize their career moves accordingly and try escaping the rat race. Like for some millennials, their 20s can be a period of self-discovery, where they see rich people flaunting their success and wealth, simultaneously contemplating how they can improve their professional graph. This is the period they’re ready to make mistakes and take the risks to be able to achieve all or at least some part of it.

Job Search

So, now the dilemma is: “How and when to reach the next level in your career?”

Ask yourself:

As Brett Farmiloe, Founder & CEO Markitors rightly says – “Avoid being paralyzed by fear.” It’s very important that an individual starts focusing on their life rather than others’. Before anything else, start asking yourself these questions:

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  • Are you happy or dread going to work on Mondays?
  • Do you feel your weekends roll out faster than you expect?
  • Are you often complaining about the job your mundane professional life to your co-workers, friends or family?
  • Do you feel valued or get discouraged about your contribution to work?
  • Are you paid fairly?

If all of the above questions were answered in affirmations, then my friend – let’s face it, it’s time to start seriously looking for a new job! I have compiled a list of three crucial signs that’ll tell you it’s time for you to switch.

1.       Is this all there is?

If you ask this question, every time you get an appreciative email instead of a raise or a bonus without promotion, then maybe it’s time for you to explore other opportunities out there. No one really hates their job; they simply lose interest due to the stagnant growth in career. This is the time when all the negatives – feeling undervalued, underpaid and hating your office, start rising to the surface; making you anticipate with regret.

2.       Your health is suffering

Nothing, absolutely nothing in this world is worth risking your health. If stress is slightly replacing or excusing all the fun in your life, then it’s time for you to seriously think. It’s shocking to see people risking their physical and mental well-being merely for a better work opportunity and pay package. John M. O’Connor of Career Pro Inc, says “Know when it is time for a change before your health suffers.”

3.       More on the unhappier side than being satisfied

100% of job satisfaction is a myth! A perfect work-life balance would include a fair share of ups and downs, satisfactions and dissatisfactions. But when the scale starts to tip more towards things that make you unhappy it’s a clear-cut sign you need to consider moving jobs.


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