HOLD ON: These Mistakes could cost Candidate the Job

A resume for any candidate serves not only as a first impression but also as the potential ticket of a candidate to a job interview. As the competition for employment becomes fiercer, it is necessary for your documents to be attractive in the eyes of an employer.  The professional sector is also becoming more unconventional; requiring skills beyond bookish knowledge. It is important for the candidate to edit and present the information accordingly. Regularly updating your resume is a must. For a long time, job seekers or the candidate followed a fixed, generic pattern. Some of these elements, however, can be a waste of space of your precious real estate.

Job Interview

Emphasis should be placed on making your resume crisp, to the point, and precise with bullet points and words that quickly draw the employer’s attention.

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Here are some quick tips for a candidate:

• The first thing to go should be the heading “Resume” or “Curriculum Vitae”. Considering the fact that the employer knows what they’re viewing, it is unnecessary, repetitive and takes up space.

• Avoid generic statements. Focus on highlighting your skill sets.

• Do not come up with blatant lies or false proclamations. If cross-checked by the employer, this can land you in trouble.

• Use as much space for your skills and qualifications as needed. Hobbies are a secondary ‘bonus’, but not necessary. Remember the priority.

• Avoid revealing too much personal information. The employer should have limited interest in your religion, family, etc. Your name, phone number, email address and postal address should suffice.

• Mention accomplishments and awards only if they prove your qualification for the job.

• Avoid lengthy paragraphs as they are unlikely to be read. Focus on making your resume in bullet-pointed and skimmable.