Use Your Career Failure to Impress the Job Interviewer

Scared of failing or getting fired? Well, then you are surely not the one! Failure feels quite disappointing, and it can be utterly crushing when you dream big, and everything comes slamming down. 70% of millennials would try to hide a past firing from a prospective employer. Now, the question arises how to impress hiring manager. Though no one likes talking about mistakes but is it quite a smart way to impress your interviewer, by talking about your recent learnings. It is essential to understand that you talk about the right mistake. This can include how you have grown and implemented changes from it.

One fundamental problem quite often asked in an interview is, ‘tell me about your mistake; what do you think was your biggest failure in life; how you managed to handle it?

At a point when an interviewer asks this kind of question, it’s not necessary that they’re attempting to entangle you; instead, the interviewer wants to see that you can recognize your mistakes and gain from them. These are the two most essential characteristics.

An employer would prefer to hire applicants who can accept and develop from their mistakes than the individuals who think they never made one.

However, be sure of giving precise answers. You need to avoid scaring away your potential future employer. Don’t bring up anything which they might think was a loss to the company. If you are not open about your career failures, then there are chances that the planned manager will think, you’ve never tried yourself or haven’t experienced any change in your life.

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The first and foremost step is to turn your failures into your potential career. Impress the interviewer is to pick a real failure of your life.

Remember, you are not sitting in a B school examination, you cannot say anything or everything to frame a story. You are not lying to fool anyone.

Make sure you tell your real story, which makes sense to the employer and concludes to be a failure.

Choose situations where you took responsibility for your failure, learned from it, and took steps to avoid making similar failures. Give the interviewer a good understanding that things went wrong because of your lack of actions and how you think it is a failure for you. 

You are blaming others and not admitting that you made a mistake If you talk about how the company or the members of your team were at fault or failed due to specific reasons.

Therefore, recognize the job you played and take responsibility for your actions and your failures. These will let the interviewer have a feeling that you can accept your mistakes and can learn from them instead of putting others at fault.

The interviewer might never want to hire a candidate who would not learn from its mistakes. The hiring manager needs to figure out how you keep up your attitude, energy and focus on your failures.

Likewise, they need to decide whether you have the certainty to admit your mistakes and could learn from your failures. The story should be compelling enough to eliminate your weakness in the future. Therefore, be sure that the emphasis is on the lessons you have learned from your mistakes and how in the future, you are prepared to avoid them.

So, Admit your mistakes, learn from them, possibly even laugh at them.

When somebody wants you to talk about some time you failed, you are going to have the ability to verify that you have been through something demanding and are prepared for even harder challenges later on. That is the way it is possible to turn failure to fuel for future objectives.


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