Who are Customer Success Managers and How to Become One?

When a business makes its first purchase transaction with another business, it’s only the beginning of what can be a very long and fruitful relationship for the two. The value of the businesses and their relationship accrues over time as purchasing expands. As a result, more companies are transforming the responsibilities for ongoing customer care and evolving from account managers to customer success manager (CSM).

To make sure that customers of the service are satisfied, companies appoint a CSM to look into the needs and problems faced by the customers. A CSM bridges the gap between sales and support.

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We dove deep into the role with Jitender Singh, Customer Success Manager at Mercer Mettl, and an Ex-PayTm employee. Watch the full video to learn more about the insights and challenges of this role and exclusive tips to getting started with a career in Customer Success. Here’s a glimpse of what we discussed:

  1. What is Customer Success in simple terms and what is the role of a CSM.
  2. What kinds of companies require CSM.
  3. Practical uses and benefits of Customer Success.
  4. What skills are required and how to prepare for a CSM role.
  5. How can freshers equip themselves to become CSM.
  6. What kinds of tools, software does CSM use?
  7. Best practices of becoming an effective Customer Success Manager.
  8. What are the KPIs for CSM?
  9. How to deal with negative feedback and attitude from the client?