All Your Work From Home Challenges: Solved

Eat. Sleep. Stay Home. Repeat. This trend has to go on at least till 14th April, 2020. Thanks to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, the whole table of India has turned upside down. So has the life of every working professional who is now sitting at home trying to work it out. These are surely challenging times, but by facing our challenges only can we move closer to our destination.

Work from home is a really nice concept if you chose it. You get time to adapt, overcome and improvise to be a great WFH employee. But, the lockdown of 21 days has certainly not given us enough time to settle in an entirely opposite side of the work spectrum resulting in multiple challenges at work. 

Our team connected with the Indian workforce through social media to know what challenges they were facing to help them find a solution. Because this is the time to help each other the most.

Read the queries submitted by you guys on Instagram, along with the best possible answer we could find for now.

Bas chai achi nahi ban rahi

Himanshu’s (@hemenshu) challenge

We get that a tasty chai can make our whole day. But, trying to learn how to make it perfect is also a beautiful part of the journey. Treat the spare time of your lockdown as a good space to learn how you can make better tea, cook new recipes, and do everything you had in your checklist for a long time (Except for any outdoor activity). Not only will you get the taste you want, but also the accomplishment of achieving it yourself. And, we are sure time will fly if you get indulged in productive activities like these.

Frequent hunger pangs

It’s okay to be hungry, because at some point we all are, and we all will surely be. It is only that the recent change in your lifestyle has led to an increase in the frequency of your hunger strikes. First, it is a great step to realize the pattern. Now, it is time for you to take control. Just like you are slowly gaining control over the hassle of lockdown isolation by finding productive avigations, try finding exercise, yoga, meditation, or even zumba to burn the excessive calories you are taking. If not, simply drinking more water can help a lot too.

Lots of disturbance by family members

Not feeling productive, getting into the comfort zone

Swapnil’s (@swapnil_shrma) & Teju’s (@teju_karthik) challenge

Work from home can be quite distracting when you live with your family. From bringing milk early in the morning to cleaning the ceiling fans, you become the first priority of contact for them. The best way to tackle this situation is to sit down and talk to your family first regarding your work timing. One thing you cannot prevent or reduce is the liveliness of family members in the house. This includes the kids playing around the house making noises, someone in the kitchen using the grinder, or even your beloved ones asking you for frequent snacking. What you can do instead is to arrange a confined space as your workstation to bring in maximum isolation you possibly can.

Internet connection, keeps going and coming

Swapnil’s (@swapnil_shrma), Sultan’s (@onelifetoride), Syed’s (@ua_ameen), Ankush’s (@ankushsarsewar) & Roopal’s (@roopal_heda) challenge

Fluctuating internet, downtime, faulty wiring, etc. used to be the much cherished escapes from work during our willing work from home incidents. But with this lockdown in place, the excuse has turned into a daily obstacle for you during the Work From Home scenes. The good part is that the internet service is included in the essential services list by the GOI. So, if you experience frequent obstructions in the internet that may be affecting your productivity or even your Netflix streaming, call your ISP customer service and they will take action as soon as possible. If things still do not work out, maybe it’s time to find a new connection.

Reporting status for every hour

The forced work from home situation is not liked by every person. Irrespective of that, we will have to do our best to ensure that our work is being done on time and at par quality. Being distant, many managers choose the path of frequent reporting and status updates on tasks which may seem overbearing. But again, these are tough times which have landed in our lives abruptly, so try to bear with it for the next 12 days. If not, you can search for a better management option and discuss it with your manager too. Just hope that they do listen.

Poor communication with teammates & vendors

Dependency issues

Lots of doubts, not getting cleared

Tanishq’s (@tanishq_seth), Arul’s (@arul_valan), Kriti’s (@ikritiv) & Ayush’s (@ayushsri2011) challenge

For those who do not have prior experience of being a remote employee, maintaining communication with the team can be a really tricky turn. It can never be as good as getting up from your seat and discussing it with the whole team in a specified meeting room anymore. However, there are many online management tools like Asana, Trello, Zoho, etc. that provide free team communication and management solutions. If that is not effective enough, a call either voice or video will compensate for the hour of need.

No fixed working hours


Tanishq’s (@tanishq_seth) & Teju’s (@teju_karthik) challenge

Work From Home surely comes with the benefit of flexibility in work hours. But if not managed well, they can quickly turn into extended and fluctuating working hours too. The only way to prevent this is to organize yourself for your working hours everyday. Here’s an extensive list of things to do to ensure that your work from home hours end at the right time of the day without any task going incomplete or of less quality – Click Here.

Living in 1 room, SO also working, disturbance for both

Farhat’s (@farhat010) challenge

The answer to your challenge is in your query itself. Not in what you said, but how you said it. The fact that both of you are getting disturbed instead of just one is a clear indication of a strong understanding between you two. You can boost this understanding by organizing your work spaces separately. As it is a 1 room space, you can choose silent hours during work. Also, you can inform your SO about any meeting or video call prior to the schedule so that they can do the necessary adjustments. But, did you know that in a 9 hour work schedule you only work for an average of 5 hours? Use the gap to refresh yourself in case of disturbances. It is only 12 more days guys. You can get through it for sure.

Company said they will give no money for the 21 lockdown days

Company suspended us, paying only 20 days salary

Businesses are taking tough decisions to ensure business continuity through this pandemic. While some could afford to provide the complete salary to employees, many businesses have switched to an affordable model of working by cutting down a few expenses including parts of your salary. Those companies that are on complete halt due to lockdown are inevitably taking certain steps like holding your 21 days salary. We all will get through it, some with everything, some with a fewer things, and some with nothing. Let’s be happy for what we’ve got.

Post-work boredom

Arul’s (@arul_valan) & Vinayak’s (@vini.vinayak69) challenge

We all can relate to what you are feeling right now. After all, after work our lives are pretty much the same till the lockdown is over. The time you spend getting bored can still be switched with the time you spend doing something you love, something you always lacked time for, and something that just hits your heart in the right spot. Use this spare time to build your personal self, take online learning classes. Most of the online learning platforms are free during the lockdown, so make the best use of them for your personal and professional life altogether.

Office chair has better posture, not home chair

Bum Hurts

Avnish’s (@avnish143) & Chinkey’s (@miss_messyhead) challenge

The lack of infrastructural support can now be felt right in all our spines, right? Working from home along with bringing freedom, does bring some side effects too. But, the side effects only touch those who do not pay attention to what their body tells them. Working from home is still work, and you have to dedicate your 8-9 hours of the day to it. So, find the posture and space that works for you in the long run. Watch youtube videos of health experts on how to find the best sitting posture for you.


Jobless, no way to kill time

Layoff is one of the saddest bitter pills that many professionals had to swallow due the Coronavirus outbreak. Add to it the forced lockdown of 21 days, and you have got plenty of time with nowhere to go, and nothing to do. But, is that all you have? Just like it is for people who are working from home, you have more time to yourself. Take this time to do something fun, productive and inspiring to you. Learn something new, upgrade your current skills, or just go all out painting a blank canvas. If done right, by the end of the lockdown, you will emerge as a better version of yourself.