10 Most Relatable Memes During Work From Home Times

What can we say about the COVID-19 crisis. It has literally thrown us into our homes and forced us to stay in to save our lives. Well, what needs to be done shall be done for the greater good. While many lost their jobs, many are stuck with the sudden shift to remote work making these times equally tough.

But can something more be done to make these tough times a little smoother, happier, and less bland? Let us present to you the top 10 memes that you will relate with hard if you are also a COVID-19 work from home employee.

The Realization


Many of us have noticed a bleak similarity between quarantine and our normal lifestyle, but this one just hits the introverts real hard.

Getting Ready For Work

Work From Home

The days when sleeping 5 minutes more was actually a threat to our late arrival at office are officially on halt now. Work From Home gives you the perk to wake up at 8:58 and be ready to work at 9 sharp now.

Letting Go Of The Sleep

Work From Home benefits

Well, we may get ready to start working sharp at 9:00, but keeping the pace steady for when the second wave of sleep hits is just…

The Not So Official Meetings

work from home meetings

We all know how tough it is to not try this gimmick out during our office meetings when working from home. Kind of irresistible.

Handling Two Jobs At The Same Time

work from home parents

One of the most difficult things as working parents amid the lockdown is to handle the kids while managing work. Then, come the hunger pang, the boredom dangs, and some random irritating thangs, don’t they?

The Invasion Of Space

Pets during work from home

To all the pet owners, it won’t take much time for you to realize how your pets feel about you spending so much time at home all of a sudden. I can literally see it in my cats’ eyes that they want me to go out of their house already.

The War Of Diet

work from home diet

Even though we know we are working the same as we did in our offices, and probably much more, I really do not understand how my belly jelly is growing so fast, so much.

The Over Communication

Work from home team

We all know that some meetings could have been summed up much better in just a well articulated mail. But, sadly that’s not how the world worked. That’s not how it will work now either.

Are We There Yet?

Now that we are all at home, and we have no excuse for skipping the meetings, this face is of accurately 90% of the team members for sure. The 10% includes the boss, the HR (If included), and the presenters.

What To Do Now?

Well, there are some jobs that can be done easily done at home. Then come the ones that be done with some extra effort. But, what about the ones that just need people to be together face-to-face? A video call therapy session? A digital acting class? Not so sure about that.

We hope these memes brought a smile to your face today. If yes, then turn on notifications to get not only more of these fun articles, but the latest news on jobs, industry talk, career tips, resume and skill information, and so much more to boost your career, seriously.

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