AI Not a Threat to Jobs, Assures PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke up against the demonization of AI and other advancing technologies and said that Artificial Intelligence has the potential of transforming lives. He urged tech leaders and businesses to “bridge the gap between human intentions and AI” and assured the working population that no jobs will be threatened by AI.

PM Modi has made these remarks in the midst of a demand slump, which the government is accused of not addressing. The past several quarters have seen a rise in unemployment and traditional sectors like banking, auto and manufacturing are showing symptoms of an economic meltdown.

Addressing the unveiling of the book ‘Bridgital Nation,’ by N Chandrasekaran, which he termed as a ‘visionary document,’ Prime Minister Modi said technology should be used to uplift the life of the poor and marginalized sections of society in the country. Modi added that technology can act as a bridge between citizens and the government to meet the demand and delivery of governance services.

“There should not be a debate on the dangers of artificial intelligence, but there should debate as to when the robot will be smarter than the human. There should be a debate as to how a bridge can be made between artificial intelligence and human intentions,” he said.

Asserting that the government has been using technology to smoothly deliver government schemes at the root level, the Prime Minister said the Center is using several modern technologies. Tools equipped with AI, digital mapping, real-time monitoring, and data intelligence are being used by the center. The project was to distribute eight crores of new LPG connections under Ujjawal Scheme within three years time to the targeted beneficiaries.

He said: “Technology unites, not divides. It is a multiplier of talent force, not a threat. Technology makes a bridge between aspirations & achievements and between demand & delivery. Technology is a strong medium to realise the dream of Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas.”

To further strengthen the international capabilities of India’s AI initiatives, the prime minister will be meeting with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. According to the Economic Times, India and Germany will explore possibilities for cooperation in green urban mobility and Artificial Intelligence during their Fifth Biennial Inter-Governmental Consultations (IGC) here on November 1. During the IGC led by top leaders, the two sides will also discuss the deepening of cooperation in traditional sectors such as transport, skill development and energy.

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