Know How Indian Corporates Are Fighting Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a deadly epidemic that has claimed over 4,120 lives globally till date. The speed and ease at which it spreads has turned it into a worldwide pandemic, meaning that it is spreading much faster than expected. While its treatment is still in the dark, the best that we can do is prevent catching it.

Impact Of Coronavirus

Coronavirus started from the Wuhan province of China in November, 2019. Today, it has spread across 100+ countries impacting global economies at scale. India has till now reported 100+ positive cases of coronavirus victims. 

How Does Coronavirus Spread?

Coronavirus comes from the family of CoV viruses that spreads by attaching itself to a live host. The mode of transmission is through contact with the affected person, touching contaminated surfaces, or proximity in air with the host. There are three classes of hosts – highly symptomatic, moderately symptomatic, and immune. The virus irrespective of the impact on the host can stay alive on them for up to 48 hours.

Coronavirus in India

Measures Taken By Government

To prevent further spreading, Indian Health Advisory has declared it as an emergency. Several states in India are going in lockdown due to increasing numbers everyday. Schools have been shut till 31st March, 2020. Gyms have been closed down. Many other public gathering spaces have been restricted to prevent it from spreading.

Steps Taken By The Private Sector

Indian workforce is the backbone of Indian economy, and its prime health remains a priority always. While the government is taking delegate steps in curbing the impact of Coronavirus spread, no mandatory action is ordered to private sector organizations. The private sector companies are being proactive and adapting the best-practices to prevent the spread.

How Are Companies Combating Coronavirus?

Reducing physical gatherings

One of the easiest steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus is reducing mass physical gathering at the workplace. This includes meetings, conferences, and seminars. Instead of physical gatherings, such events are taking place virtually through live video calling, recorded seminars and cloud conferences.

Work From Home

Another effective method to prevent the spread of coronavirus is by enabling work from home policy till the time this event is at high risk status. Industry leaders including TATA, Reliance, and ITC have enabled this policy for all employees. Many companies including Coca Cola, Godrej Consumer, and Uber have provided the option of work from home to quarantine employees experiencing fever, cough, or mild resistance in breathing. 

Work stations are being switched with laptops. Cloud based team management softwares are being put in place to track work and ensure least errors in completion. As an immediate observation, this step has resulted in lesser number of people operating even in the busiest business centres of Mumbai such as Bandra, BKC and Worli.

Preventive Hygiene

Since Manufacturing, Distribution, and Packaging industries cannot coordinate remotely, they have switched to alternate prevention measures. In such sectors where remote employment is not possible, preventive hygiene is taken up at top-most priority. 

Big automobile industry players like Maruti and TATA have taken an extensive measure to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. They are checking all employees with infrared thermometers and ensuring 60% alcohol based hand sanitizers and tissue papers at every work desk. Big Basket has provided a complete prevention kit to every employee which includes hand sanitizers, N95 masks, tissue papers, and basic fever medicines.

Awareness Programs

To propagate the knowledge of prevention to the families and friends of their employees, many organizations including TCS are conducting the virus awareness programs. These awareness programs include the best prevention methods, all regulatory information to conduct quick and responsible quarantine in case of any symptoms, and all the emergency contact details in case of a drastic situation.

One of the popular malls, DLF, is ensuring complete wipe of the public areas in every branch of the country, everyday. Hand sanitizers have been made mandatory at the entrances, and every employee is equipped with masks and gloves.

Stay Away, Stay Healthy

Unfortunately, the only way to prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus is by maintaining a safe distance from people till the cure is found. India being in a partially tropical environment is not the most favorable atmosphere for the virus to live. This can be advantageous only if everyone takes part in stopping it by distancing themselves for the required period.