Learning From The Lockdown: An Idea, A Wish!

Let’s talk about something important. I have spoken to hundreds and thousands of people who wanted to start something of their own and become an entrepreneur. They did research, read a lot of books, watched multiple videos and concluded with brilliant start-up idea (that even I feel investing in) but for some reason, they never started. They said, they were waiting for “the perfect time.”

I get it. Been there, done that.

Decades ago, when I was contemplating a life as an entrepreneur, I had million reasons to do it. I always wanted to solve real life challenges. But, just like others, I too was waiting for the perfect time. Years later, spearheading multiple ventures simultaneously, I can tell you for sure that there is no perfect time to start anything.

It’s a myth. Yeah!

You know what sets us entrepreneurs apart from others? When others see a problem, we see an opportunity. At a time when the lockdown has casted a dark shadow over businesses, some players are tiding over the lockdown with their business plan and prepping for the long run. Ed-tech, Payment Gateways, and many others are booming despite the lockdown. Digitization and automation have clearly given them an edge above the rest.

Talking about the industries that have been heavily impacted due to COVID-19, recruitment is no exception. This nationwide lockdown has resulted in huge job losses, furloughs, and pay cuts, thereby giving blues to India’s already distressed employment story. But as I said earlier, problems are an opportunity in disguise, in fact, they are a catalyst for a massive change. Companies out there are rapidly re-engineering their operational strategies for life with COVID-19. They are adopting new tools & technologies to steer their day-to-day activities.

When the lockdown is lifted and businesses begin to gain momentum, there will be an immediate need of manpower to start functioning and beat the backlog. After all, business runs primarily due to employees and clients. But, here’s a catch! To survive in COVID-19 economy companies will have to be savvy enough to hire with slashed recruitment team and budget and still exude that productivity. You know where this is heading, don’t you? Yesssss! It’s automation that is going to help businesses start running on the path of recovery while being cost sensitive.

Technology will drive automation and put a lot of tasks on autopilot, including the higher order tasks. Specifically in the recruitment landscape, HR tech is a great collaborator and partner to seek post-lockdown. Modern-age recruiters are piled up responsibilities but with limited resources in place, things are bound to slow down and become frustrating.

When I was building my startup – Vasitum, that’s the exact issue I was trying to solve. Wait, does that mean I was able to see through the future? 😲 (Just kidding)

I have been a fan of technology driven solutions and precisely hot technologies like AI and ML as of now. My inclination towards the recruitment industry and the entrepreneur inside me made me build this HR tech solution. With Vasitum, we bet on AI and created a recruitment platform that would automate literally every recruitment activity. Right from sourcing candidates to screening resumes and applications, scheduling interviews, and extending offers, everything under one umbrella, automated.

You know you get those vibes when you are closer to hitting a milestone. I feel the same with this lockdown situation. The current situation, in addition to the surge in hiring post lockdown is a great opportunity for businesses like us. The better part is being able to contribute to the bigger cause which is creating employment opportunities for Indian masses.

My battle against COVID-19 is automated. Are you still waiting for the perfect time?