This Man Hands out 200 Copies of Resumes on the Street and bags a job!

When God gives, he gives abundantly. Apparently, this was the case with Patrick Hoagland, a Phoenix resident who was in a desperate search for a job. Patrick was laid off from his previous job a few weeks ago. He had filled out multiple job applications online but failed to hear back from anyone. That’s when he decided to hit the streets of Phoenix with 200 copies of resume and a sign reading ‘Please, take a resume. Laid off! Looking for a job.’

A father who wants to provide for his family, as stated by the man himself in his resume, took it to the streets, not to ask for money but job, and to our surprise, he pulled this off.

His resume was shared on Twitter by Melissa, owner of a marketing and PR agency in Pheonix. She was impressed by the fact that Patrick was not asking for a handout, but a job. Patrick held a sign on the side of the road with a smile on his face on a hot 43 degree Celsius day. 

Impressed by his creativity and dedication, Patrick was bombarded with hundreds of phone calls and offer letters. 

We are really happy for Patrick, who eventually ended up with multiple job offers. However, let’s keep in mind that luck played some role in this scenario. This worked for him, but it may not work for you or me. I wish nobody gets to a situation where he has to take it to the streets, holding a sign and giving out CVs. That might not be an excellent sight to see.We feel proud to have introduced Vasitum, an AI-powered job search platform where you get smart job recommendation based on your interests and skills. Why step outside to find a job when you can skip the struggle with Vasitum and apply to your dream job in just a click?