Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S character does your colleague resembles?

After 25 years of airing the pilot episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S on September 22nd, it’s time to relive the nostalgia, a sweeter time when winters were cold and summers were warm, not foggy and sweaty. Anyway, we’ve all taken the “which friends character are you” quiz, if not, you must have taken some sort of quiz some way or the other related to F.R.I.E.N.D.S (given you’re a die-hard fan, of course).

Well, this isn’t exactly a quiz, actually, it’s not at all a quiz. It’s your guide to identifying which F.R.I.E.N.D.S character your buddies at work are.


The One Who’s Always Goofing Around

Chandlers are the comedians of the workplace. They make everyone laugh and keep them entertained so no one notices how little work they do. But, they’re not all useless, Chandlers are great with numbers making them useful problem solvers. The only thing is, they’ll have run off seconds after solving said problem. They have a scarred past, as a result, they have an amazing mechanism to deal with pain and loss.

Traits: Humourous & Witty, Sarcastic (OBVIOUSLY!), Caring And Deceptive, Sometimes Found Puffing A Cigarette


The One With All the Hunger & Stardom

He’s known and loved by all in the office, from the new interns to the executives who’ve been in the company for decades. The ones who really know Joeys though, know just how filthy they can get. Besides craving every food ever, this guy is a talented artist and a loyal friend. He’s not too complex or smart, but he’s not gullible or stupid either. He’ll look out for his close ones and not shy away from what he believes in.

Traits: Feeble-Minded, Good-natured, Loyal, Caring And Protective, ALWAYS UP FOR A SNACK


The One With All the Rules

Monica is completely by the book. Her advice is heartfelt, her emotions are pure and her comebacks are savage! She doesn’t joke too well or gets along with her employees because she is a little TOO by the book and absolutely loves rules (“Rules are good. Rules help control the fun”). But Monica understands that the work needs to be done and that a team working together in harmony is always better than one by themselves. She tries to get along the best she can. But she will not cut corners on effectivity, even if she comes off as rude sometimes.

Traits: Committed, Skilled, Hardcore on the outside but a softy on the inside and again SAVAGE!!


The One Who’s Always a Little Lost

Phoebes aren’t bad workers. They’re just misunderstood and, more often than not, a little zoned out. But Phoebe is probably the smartest coworker in your office, with instincts that almost got her a job on Wall Street (but she didn’t take it up as she thought everything that rhymed was true, so…” if I worked with stocks, I’d have to live in a box, and only eat lox, and have a pet fox.”). Not only a knack for the share market, but Phoebe also has some seriously sick street skills. Also, she’s loyal!

Traits: Loyal, Smart, Weird, Lovable.


The One Who Can’t Figure Things Out

Rachel has God’s hand on her shoulder when she walks into buying things, she’s great at buying things, and also loves buying things. But she’s not all that materialistic, she is sensitive and emotional and she’s not embarrassed to show it. She has a dressing aesthetic and a fashion sense like almost no-one else which she can use to turn things in her favour. She looks dumb because she wants everyone to see her as dumb so they can’t trick her. Although not the highest IQ in the room, Rachel always knows what’s up, Rachel knows people.

Traits: Fierce, Graceful, Sense of: Humor, Fashion & Style


The One Who Can’t Stop Falling in Love

He’s sad from the day he’s joined. Ross absolutely loves dinosaurs and he’s never had enough of them, it’s safe to stay he likes to live in the past. He’s a hard worker who gets easily distracted and is sometimes a little abnormally enthusiastic and borderline creepy. They’re great colleagues and a trustworthy friend who will always be there to help, but they’ll need yours too from time to time. They might come on a little too intense, but that’s the way Ross is.

Traits: Passionate, Smart, Polite, Caring, Thoughtful, Kind, Often Clumsy And Socially Awkward 


The One Who’s Always There

They aren’t given the credit they’re due. Gunther works hard and commits to people and works sincerely, but the poor guy can’t catch a break. The one they love, spend their days with someone else right in front of them and they can’t do anything, so they fill their life with work and try to make as many people as happy as possible. They can commit too much to some things and also like their fair share of drama. But when it’s down to brass tacks, they do not shy away from hard, tiring labour.

Traits: Indifferent, Easily Annoyed, Impatient, Optimistic