Amazon, Flipkart Offer Record High Stipends for Freshers

Placements in several universities and business schools are underway and the companies with the most hires are, unsurprisingly, tech giants Amazon and Flipkart. The number of recruits have soared higher and schools are seeing a rise in the number of companies that are participating in placement drives, including startups looking for fresh talent. The stipend offered saw a rise of 20% while the number of companies visiting the campus grew 15%, on average.

E-commerce giants have traditionally been the face of employer branding in India. Their most useful tactic is engaging young talent recruiting them from campus drives. This is largely being documented now, as Amazon and Flipkart are carrying out recruitments at the National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and are emerging as the top campus recruiters among e-commerce and tech companies. Amazon topped the list this year for summer placements in IIMs as well.

Amit Karna, chairperson of the placement committee at IIM Ahmedabad said, “We expect [the] demand for talent by top e-commerce companies would only go up as they are penetrating more small towns and cities,”. He added, “They would need more talent, especially from premium management schools.”

In campus hiring news, IIM Indore has maintained its reputation as the average stipend offered to the students by companies this year stood at Rs 1.68 lakh per month; a 12% increase from last years Rs.1.5 lakh. Officials said that females bagged offers 24% more than their male counterparts during summer placements.

India Tech companies are set to hire the best and fresh talent once again even as the economic slowdown continues. But elite schools are not the only ones getting visits from the giants this time around. A company spokesperson for Flipkart reportedly said that the company is looking to hire interns from the top 22 B-schools. “We continue to hire across business and product roles through campus hiring,” the person said.