Answering The How & Why – Add Your Team on Vasitum

Most of the job portals allow you to create different accounts and post jobs individually. Well, this was a great way. If we were in 2010. Not anymore.

As a recruiter, there are hundreds of tasks and responsibilities that you need to address every day and update in the system. The problem with having different accounts on a single platform is that you need to manually update spreadsheets with the status. And if you forget, then your manager is on your back screaming about it.

We’ve been there. So, Vasitum allows you to add a team and work in collaboration.

How Do You Add Team?

It is really simple. Literally.

  1. Log in to your recruiter dashboard. Signup here and create a free recruiter account if you haven’t already.
  2. On the top left corner of the screen, you will see a message which says “Add Team Member”.
  3. Click on the “Manage Team” action button in that box.
  4. Your team dashboard will open.
  5. You can enter the email addresses of your team members, select the role they will assume, and then send out invites.
  6. And you are done. It is that simple.

But why should you add a team? Why did we spend resources to give this feature in a recruitment portal of all places?

Because We Want to Make Recruitment Easier on Our Platform

Vasitum takes out the hassle and makes life simpler and better. How? Well, we allow you to create teams on the platform. That means you and all your colleagues have their own accounts but access the same company page.

And how does that benefit you? Here is a quick summary of that:

1. Work with a centralized system

Okay, imagine that you are using a job board where you and your team of 15 recruiters are posting jobs on behalf of “XYZ Corporation LLC”. Then you land another client “ABC Holding Group”. Then another. And another. And then another. What do you do? Create more spreadsheets.

Now let us bring that to Vasitum. On Vasitum, you’ll have the option to add team members. Here, all the team members can view the progress of the job listings and the actions taken. Furthermore, there is no need to update different Excel sheets and collate data at the end of every month.

2. Earn the respect of candidates

We have seen that candidates get the “your profile has been shortlisted” message from two or three different recruiters for the same company and the same recruitment firm for the exact same job code. What does the candidate think when that happens? “Oh, what unprofessional people. Cannot coordinate between themselves properly. And what an unprofessional client it must be to outsource their recruitment to such a firm.”, the candidate thinks.

Not with Vasitum. Our platform allows you to keep a centralized record of the profiles. If someone has already contacted the candidate for, let’s say Job #1234, then it’ll be visible in the system. Another recruiter from the team will not approach the same candidate for the same job code. And you’ll be able to see that in the same dashboard. How? Because everything is automated on Vasitum. It tracks and updates all your actions.

3. Enjoy transparency in the system

What do you do when a job has been closed and a member of the team forgets to mark it closed? Or maybe someone did not update the Excel sheet with the name of the candidate that has accepted the offer and other team members are still rounding up candidates and scheduling interviews? Because that happens when you are not working in a transparent system.

Not when you are working as a team on Vasitum. When you are working as a team on the dashboard, then everyone knows what the status of the particular task is. Everyone knows the lead status, job status, and other details in a single view instead of matching it against Excel sheets. You do not have to manually update spreadsheets. As an admin, you can control the access of all the team members.

4. Two are always better than one

When you are working on individual tasks and handling different Excel sheets, you are majorly alone on the task. If you need help from any colleague with something, then you have to first ask them when they are free, pause your work, wait for them, and then proceed further.

By adding a team on Vasitum, the entire team communicates and solves the problem together. You and your team share their knowledge with each other to make tasks easier for everyone and goal completion more efficient. With the team, your team can share their skills and help other team members to complete their tasks. After all, at the end of the day, you have to hire a great candidate for the business you are representing.

Add Your Team and Get Recruiting!

Now that you know why working as a team is important in recruitment also and how to do that on Vasitum, start adding your team members and recruit smartly & efficiently.