How To Save Your Hiring From COVID-19 Using Recruitment Automation

It is obvious that you are seeking a way out, something that can help you stabilize the recruitment funnel in favor of great talent and profits. Well, here is a way – recruitment automation.

Maybe your hiring process is impacted, maybe not. But the market has definitely changed after March 2020. And we still feel the aftereffects today. As much as the pandemic has impacted candidates, it has impacted businesses as well.

COVID-19’s Impact on Businesses

The pandemic has impacted the whole world. In terms of recruitment workflow automation, it divided businesses into 3 distinctions in terms of how they behave regarding recruitment.

Category 1

The first and the worst behavioral trend is the complete shutdown. Not only have these businesses frozen hiring, but they are also forced to lay off and send their employees for indefinite leaves without pay.

Category 2

Then comes the second trend – those which did not adopt automation in recruitment. Just kidding. It is of those which has grown due to the crisis conditions. Even though the business increased, the restrictions imposed worldwide are affecting their performance and capability of meeting the demands of hiring both in terms of quality and processing.

Category 3

The last trend is of the businesses that did not have any impact on them due to COVID-19 lockdown. These businesses are running the same as they used to and are also hiring at a normal pace. However, the restrictions are still making the recruitment process a bit difficult.

How Recruitment Automation Can Save You?

See, it is not about the technology but actually the need. Your business may be in any of the three categories that I talked about in the previous section, but one thing that is common is the need to hire talent.

One thing that remains constant across all three categories is the transformation of the recruitment funnel in the current situation and when the crisis will end. So, how can you save your recruitment funnel in these hard times? By getting recruitment workflow automation. If you do not have that, please drop an “F” in the comments. Just kidding.

Here are some ways to make the situation better for yourself and your business:


For ones who are going through a hiring freeze, the job application advertisements must go down too. This is crucial for both saving unnecessary expenses and exhausting brand reputation.

You can also turn your hiring advertisements into awareness campaigns explaining the current situation and your potential hiring plans after the crisis is over. It will give you the same transparency in communication as recruitment automation and save your brand’s employer reputation too.

For the ones experiencing higher demand for hiring, it is important to communicate clearly whether the job role is temporary or permanent. When you have more applicants, clear communication filters most of them right away.

There may be employees on indefinite unpaid leaves who can perfectly fit the job requirements who would fill the gap more efficiently for you if aware.


In these uncertain times, automation in recruitment is one of the most important aspects for recruiters. And second to that is to maintain communication. Whether it is candidates or clients, most of them are glued to their phone screens more now than ever waiting to know more about things in relation to COVID-19.

So, your communication to them should always include a subset of the current situation to both increase click-through rate, and to engage more without irrelevant spamming. You can create recruitment-related FAQs for the current situation, share updates on the new government norms and guidelines, or even update your chatbot into a virtual assistant for COVID-19 related recruitment queries.

Reform Hiring Process

While recruitment automation is one most needed reforms, I am talking about something else here. With restrictions on moving out of the house, most of your potential hires are likely to happen remotely.

From approaching candidates to conducting interviews, and then finally executing the hiring paperwork, everything should be available online. There are a lot of available online recruitment tools for free which can take your end-to-end recruitment process digitally.

Also, provide accurate and proactive information about your hiring process to candidates. Share mandatory requirements like dress code, minimum interview hours, infrastructural and equipment-related information with them so that the process becomes smoother, even without recruitment workflow automation.

If the hiring freeze is due to the lockdown restriction only, you can inform the shortlisted candidates in your funnel regarding when and how it may resume. If the hiring freeze is due to business impact and budgetary reasons, recruiters should inform candidates honestly as in this scenario, any such reason is valid enough. The only thing not valid is uncertainty due to lack of information.

Onboarding Safely

Whether you use recruitment automation or not, there are many candidates for businesses who have been hired but not joined. For all such candidates, I advise that all the paperwork either related to rejection or delay in joining should be transferred (preferably digitally). This will prevent a lot of legal and financial burdens for you.

If your candidates can join remotely itself, the paperwork and legal documents should be exchanged with digital signatures from both ends. These allow both entities to gain legal rights over each other.

If you do not use automation in recruitment, you can use a lot of free digital signature tools available online that are secure and ready to use. Provide safety manuals, especially related to COVID-19 prevention to every new joiner, if required to be present physically.

It’s More Than Just A Phase

The behavior of candidates and clients towards recruitment methods is gaining significance amid the pandemic. Safety, efficiency, communication, and ease are the three factors that define a great recruiter today. This is more than just a temporary trend and will define the recruiter funnel for the future too.

sGoing remote as a recruiter for the entire process can be the best way forward for you now. With Vasitum‘s recruitment automation, you can do it right all, right now, for free.

Editor’s Note: Originally published on 30 April 2020 at 2:30 PM. Updated 12 April 2021.


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