How To Reward And Recognise In The New Workplace

The absence of the physical presence of employees in the workplace has put a void in the rewards and recognition dynamics. Earlier, teamwork and individual efforts were visible enough due to the abundance of eyes around the workplace. Now, with remote work being the primary culture, these things have diminished fast.

This may not be visible now but the result of this may bluntly start appearing in terms of motivation and productivity in the workplace. To prevent this, it is important for managers and team leaders to start putting new rewards and recognition programs in place. The fact of the matter is that appreciation always goes a long way, whether in the office or at home.

Discussing Remote Challenges

The road to rewards and recognition begins with support. That support especially in the remote scenario comes from holding conversations with your team.

When you address the challenges proactively, you always end up finding a proactive employee willing to help everyone else overcome these challenges. 

Holding weekly conferences, or putting a separate Asana board for grievances and complaints. Let anyone willing to help solve the challenge take it up.

Use objective-based timelines to structure the solution process. All of this almost gamifies the challenges and inspires the whole team to collaborate better.

Digital Appreciations

Asana recently introduced a like button that allows other collaborators to like your tasks. Even though it is just a small gesture, it does matter when you are working remotely. Similarly, managers and team leads can start highlighting the good things done by individuals in front of the teams during meetings, conferences, or group discussions.

Small-Time Incentives

Some projects include daily mundane tasks, while some need that little edge of both hard and smart work. When that happens, giving back to the team that was part of it can help a lot in boosting inspiration.

Token-based incentive programs are already in place in many organizations working remotely that give a small financial price to the best performer of the day. Something as simple as a Paytm voucher or a Zomato coupon would do the job well enough.

Peer Recognition Programs

Paying attention to every team member is more than difficult right now. Peer recognition is something that can come in handy right now. Not only will it help your employees feel involved, but it will also maintain continuous insights into what is happening within. When employees recognize other’s efforts, they gain a sense of both collective authority and responsibility.

For instance; a content person can share their feedback of the experience with the design team on a project providing deeper insights. The feedback will also work as a third-person perspective while deciding the promotions by the end of the year. 

A Proud Employer

The time right now is more sensitive as we all are going through a pandemic and a cultural shift in the work environment. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the team under them feels motivated to join work every day.

These reward and recognition methods can help you bring positivity and productivity at work while sustaining business continuity at optimum levels.

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