Remote Employee Is Your Hero For Business Continuity Now

The Coronavirus outbreak brought drastic changes in the corporate world overnight. While many companies had to halt operations completely due to the lockdown worldwide, many had to shift to the remote employee concept as the last resort. Let alone the thought of growth and expansion, many ships of business are trying hard to prevent themselves from sinking permanently. According to CNBC Global CFO Council, 90% companies have restricted travel around the world, and 62% of companies have completely shifted to remote working modules.

What if this forced situation turned out to be the next best thing for your business instead? Business continuity is not only a matter of saving your business in the short run of getting through the Coronavirus pandemic, but to lead the journey on a tangent that leads the long-term future too.

Remote Is The New Normal

You may have come across the trend “Remote Is The New Normal” getting quite the hype in the corporate community globally. While the purpose of remote working is to maintain operations at least at minimum level, many organizations, especially in the digital sector, observed an increase in the productivity of their teams. 

On the other hand, as the workforce adapts to the newfound culture of remote working, brands are quickly coming back to their normal operational speed too. People are liking the extra freedom, the absence of hectic commute, and the comfort of not being exhausted after work. If you simply remove the lockdown from this situation, you will certainly see a significant rise in the number of people working from home, by choice.

Change Has Begun

The news of Twitter’s announcement regarding shifting 100% employees to remote working makes quite a statement. It not only shows that we can go remote, but be profitable while doing so too. Another big brand that made a huge announcement is TCS, which aims to shift 75% of its workforce to remote by the end of 2022.

Mark Zuckerberg announced recently that up to half of his employees could be working remotely in the next two years. So, going remote is not just a step to crib the COVID19 Pandemic’s spread, but a long term business goal too. But, how is this beneficial in the long-term?

Infrastructure Is Subjective

As Bill Gates stated that for an organization to work properly, its infrastructure should be built on ethics and vision instead of strictness and rulebooks. The concept of a physical need of a workplace itself came for the sake of bringing complete management under one roof. Now that digital management has suddenly become prevalent in our lives, we can think of managing the workforce in both digital and physical management processes.

The need for physical presence of employees will never go away, but the perspective of keeping an open mind towards remote employees is also now on the table too. With this, the need to have employees in the office will now be shifted towards whether their dependency is physically or not. For example; a store manager has to be in place in a boutique shop. But, a marketing manager can still work remotely.

More Money In The Savings

Not only will this pandemic give us a new ideology of work culture, adapting the concept of remote work will also cut down a lot of costs including infrastructure, maintenance, and privileges currently given to the employees. Remember the salary breakup that includes travel allowance? Consider that gone for every remote employee hired from now on.

Many organizations have arranged equipment for its employees by transferring the office workstation to their houses. But, most of the remote employees have their own laptop, wifi, and broadband connection. If this continues, the expense of working equipment can also see a rapid fall in future.

Adapt, Overcome, Improvise

The Coronavirus pandemic is a terrifying event in all our lives. While emergency workers worldwide are working hard to save our lives, many businesses are doing their level best to ensure that their employees are taken care of too. If layoffs are happening, it is only because no other option was left for them. Let’s all fight this pandemic together and contribute a little more to each other’s lives by adapting to new work conditions, overcoming minor obstacles, and improvising the work culture for the future. Stay home. Stay safe.

Priyanka Choudhary

Priyanka Choudhary

Talent Acquisition expert with 8+ years of profound experience in scouting and engaging talent in ITES, Financial Shared Services, Analytics & Insights sectors.