Subtle Signs You Are About To Get Fired!

How many times have you heard of the term “job security” in your life? For someone like me, it is quite important. Growth and security are two major aspects of any job profile. By the time you grow while doing your work, the security that you have at the back of your mind, keeps you working efficiently.

If an employee keeps on thinking about the dissatisfaction all the time, it will make him/her less productive. There could be reasons like less salary, more working hours, stagnant growth, and such others, the obvious thing to do in such a situation is to look for better employment opportunities. You feel suffocated, you look for air, isn’t it?

This is the right approach towards the solution which can work against you as well. An employer can be dissatisfied with his employee for several reasons. He/she will first try to cope up with the employee and the next obvious solution is a replacement.

The question is how will you know if you are on the hook, i.e. if you are the employee or not? What should you do if you are the one they want to get rid of? 

We have some tips for you.

Look for the signs

Why the team had a meeting without you when you were included in the project at first? Did anyone inform you about this change? Probably not.
One of the signs that your boss is not happy with your performance and thus don’t want your involvement in it. They never tell you directly to improve.

On the brighter side, once you know your boss is not impressed, you can work on it. Take up the project again, dig in your part, and bring up something new on the table. The team won’t be expecting something like this and who doesn’t fall for surprises, right?

Interact as per the requirement

You could be an introvert who keeps things to himself/herself but if there is a need to talk, you should be ready. Similarly, if you are an extrovert, you should know when to speak what.

Many times, people can’t stand someone who talks too much and the one who talks less simply gets unnoticed. Communication is the key to every door. If you start connecting with other team members, you will get insights into projects you are yet not a part of.

Think of it this way, Why did your boss just took a project from your desk, and now someone else is assigned to do it? There have to be some reasons. When you talk to people you get to know there point of view.

You can think and choose what you want to improve and that can get noticed by your boss, giving you a new project to work on. Neither be the person questioning unnecessarily nor the one completely lost in his/her world.

Know What’s happening around you

Did you see someone new in the office? Do you know his/her position? Are you two sharing the same position? Is his/her resume and package better than yours? Was the workload so heavy on you that they hired someone new without informing you? Is your boss so good to surprise you like this?

Staying active and social is important. Normally companies don’t surprise their employees like this which can only mean that sooner or later you are getting fired. This can happen to anyone, you just need to put your 100 percent in the work you do. Your boss loves you for your work, you stay!

Trust Your Instincts

Jobs are no less than modern marriages. It may work out well, it may not. You can be doing your best and still not be that great for the company and there is nothing to feel sad about.

The talk you have before getting fired is usually a planned one because you can see your employer taking notes of what you say and then comes the email telling you why you should quit this job. Divorce settlements are more or less the same. There remain two options, either you move on for a better future or you live with the past.

Trust your instinct as it always leads towards the light. A job is important for the money but not worth your mental and physical health. You will feel rejected for some time but understand that this is not the end. Get up and look for the rainbow instead.

Manage your CV well and apply for the right jobs. Lead your way towards the sunlight!

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