What do Copywriters do and How to Become One?

“Learn the difference between copywriters and content writers. In India, they are synonymous. They are not.” There are a number of jobs for content writers and copywriters, but which is which? Founder and Chief Copywriter at Inkblot Media, Blaze Arizanov talks about how companies use crucial content for digital marketing. All the way from tagline to blogs, which are the aspects that a brand should focus on to make them more enticing.

In discussion with Chinkey Saini, Brand Manager at Vasitum, here’s what the two brand communication specialists discuss:

  1. Who are Content Writers and Copywriters?
  2. What is the difference between Copywriters and Content Writers?
  3. What is Inkblot Media’s business model?
  4. How is Inkblot Media different from its counterparts?
  5. How to build a loyal customer base
  6. How to make your content peppy and more conversational
  7. What have been your favorite marketing campaigns/The best Marketing Campaigns of South Asia
  8. What is Inkblot Media’s go-to Marketing strategy?/What are the best marketing channels?
  9. How to align your team with your and the company’s vision?
  10. How to hire copywriters
  11. The best sites, people, blogs to follow to fine-tune copywriting skills
  12. Books to read for copywriters
  13. How to curate content and communication for branding 
  14. Should your brand be diplomatic or straightforward?

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